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About QIX

We're an expert recruitment and consultancy firm.

What does QIX stand for? 

QIX is an acronym for Quality, Integrity and eXpert advice.


Our team take pride in these values and what it means and it is part of our mission statement:

“Committed to Excellence: Upholding Quality and Integrity in Everything We Do” 

Our mission is to consistently deliver products/services of the utmost quality while maintaining unwavering integrity in all our interactions. We are dedicated to building trust with our Team, our Clients and our Candidates, fostering a culture of transparency, and ensuring that our work reflects our core values of excellence and honesty.

Meet our Director

Brooke Alexander is responsible for both the Consulting and Recruitment businesses, bringing 25 years of diverse industry experience to the firm both internationally and locally across APAC, within Consulting, Finance, NFP and Renewables


Brooke feels strongly in the promotion and partnership of Diversity and Inclusion and is proud of the partnership between APOC (Australian Professionals of Colour) and QIX. QIX Community is proud to sponsor, collaborate and promote such a prominent/important NFP, where we recognise that businesses have a role in shaping society, and by championing diversity, we contribute to positive social change, promoting equality, and challenging stereotypes.  QIX Community fosters the desire to give back to NFP’s and Community based organisations, providing pro bono services for every second hire within the NFP space.

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About QIX Consulting

Expert Consultancy

At QIX, we do things differently.

Our team is saturated with industry experienced veterans that understand your business climate first-hand. We know what is required to deliver the best talent for the growth & optimisation of your business.


At the forefront of our service, integrity is upheld through completely transparent processes that are paired with clear communication every step of the way. We are a motivated, charismatic & helpful bunch that takes every metric of your organisation & compliments it with pre-assessed talent.

Our mission is to demonstrate an unmatched service that our candidates not only fill, but also excel in - delivering high quality expert advice.

Similing Team

Forming strong partnerships.

With also a passion for Renewable Energy, bolstered by the wonderful relationships Brooke formed with women across Energy and Renewables, it is with great passion that QIX nurtures and develops this space moving forward, but also compliments what our core business was created upon - being Compliance, Finance, Risk and Technology


Moving into our new future, with the current European team, together with the APAC team QIX has built across Banking, Finance and Technology, we are excited for Brooke to bring these teams together, to grow and nurture the Consulting and Recruitment businesses across these very relevant and impactful verticals.


Personally - Brooke is a big Sydney Swans supporter - likes to think she can play golf after a 2 year break and loves running - with that and three kids its a busy schedule! 

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